This way you can contact a member of Cyberphoria Club. We provide full managed music streams 24/7 based in UK in France.

Watch out Cyberphoria at Good Bye Shining Blackstar and the ghosted Art Blue. We stream, we fly, we cry … Cyberphoria is in our mind.

We are on air worldwide reaching even Bouvet island. It was uncoverd by Harry Hacker in a NORSE injeria operation that Bouvet (Bouvetøya) is the center of global IP scanning. There the Perfect 10 once was copied to. Is she Cyberphoria? Find out some secrets by reading in rezmagazine DEFCON2 – The Perfect 10The Perfect 10 in Elysion. All stories combine technology, art and social aspects and are written by Ervare, which stands in Afrikans for the Old man Knowing.


Bouvet Island exists and was at 2014-12-28 18:54:04 pinging Seattle. Now you are speachless? Alien vs. Predator was filmed in 2004 and now it is a national reservat protected by Norway pinging you even 10 years later. Why? You see it is a must to read rezmagazine. Just start with the three episodes linked – and then you may be ready for the key story, that there is life in the simulator: The Artefact by Art Blue.

You may send an email to club (at)  …

Don’t forget your Avatar name and the grid you are living in. Art Blue you find in all main grids, like Metropolis, OS grid, Francogrid and also in SL – but not in the new MOSES Halcyon grid. There are only real names allowed. So for MOSES it is Reiner Schneeberger.